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SELLERS OPTIONS (we don't mind which one you go for)
Cuts out the frustration, hassle & stress and guarantees you a space available from 8:15-9:45am
For just £3 extra to website prices you can go straight to your pitch upon arrival.
  10am ENTRY  

& please take away all of your unsold items & empty boxes with you*

26/03/17 Seller not allowed on site due to being abusive and aggressive towards management
24/07/16 Walk on seller banned for leaving unsold items and empty boxes behind
29/05/16 Regular seller banned from site for leaving rubbish behind
22/05/16 Regular Seller banned from site for swearing at management
20/12/15 2 Sellers escorted off site for early set up

Bizzy Boots - Car Boots Sales

The “Big Boot” Car boot sales on every Sunday (Weather Permitting) throughout the year, from 10am except on the Great Eastern Run day (8th October 2017) & Christmas break.

 Pitch Fees (Payable on entry) 

Car or Car Sized Van

Vehicle + Trailer (up to 2.4m)

Vehicle + Trailer (over 2.4m)

Transit Sized Van

Luton & LWB Van

10am Entry






FAST TRACK ENTRY (8:15-9:45am)






All enquiries TEL: 07445 436136


*** On an average Sunday this car boot sale extends over 1 linear kilometer of stalls ***

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We're with


It is company policy on
this site to only have 1 vendor for each of the

Curries and Samosa's
Fruit and Veg
Ice Cream
Lithuanian Meats
Smoked Fish

No more required, Thankyou.

Please be aware that Police, Trading Standards, 'Pick Pockets' & 'Thieves' also visit car boot sales.

No dogs (except guide dogs) allowed on site due to an incident on Sunday 1st September 2013.

Any form of abuse to management or staff will not be tolerated - if you cannot be civil please do not attend.
Management has the right to refuse admission.

Hi, Welcome to our website.
Please allow us to introduce our company: Bizzy Boots Car Boot Sale Ltd, although only registered in spring 2012, we have been organizing car boot sales in predominantly the Peterborough area since February 1987 when we started “The Fleet” car boot sales in the days when 30 stalls was considered pretty good. “The Fleet” always attracted more than 30 stalls. We were there for 6 years. After that we started a Saturday car boot sale at “Mancetter SQ” to run alongside their already well-established Sunday one – we were there for 7 years and have the record for the longest running all year round Saturday car boot sale in the area.

Starting Up
In the midnineties we started “The Posh” football ground car boot sale, it was a slow start and in the beginning we couldn’t even give pitches away due to the fact that a big car boot sale had established itself on the outskirts of the city. With sheer persistence and word and mouth we finally made "The Posh” car boot sale successful. My dealings with “The Posh” was very informal – just an annual shake of hands and a gentleman’s agreement – that was my contract – all this went out of the window after 8 years, when a well known operator made “The Posh” a very high rent offer and they accepted. The new operator was there for only about a year, after that operators have been and gone.

In 2007 we set up in direct competition with “The Posh” and we set up a car boot sale on the car park we were then leasing from The City Council – we set up the “Wirrina” car boot sale – it was very successful and we gave “The Posh” a run for their money – the operators were worried and every Sunday they came to check out our trade level. Unfortunately the success of “The Wirrina” was short lived as in October 2008 a ward councillor closed it down for “noise and traffic” problems – we were not aware of any problems and the councillor instead of telling us that the car boot sales were causing problems and either sort it out or else – he went straight to the media and its only when they contacted us for our comments that we were made aware of the problems – by the press not the councillor. Much public and traders contacted the councillor remonstrating and a petition was signed by many 100's of people that wanted to keep “The Wirrina” car boot sale going – everything was ignored – the decision had been made. The same councillor in 2009 was a director in “Railworld” and surprise, surprise they start a car boot sale on their site. Draw your own conclusion on that. The car boot sale at “Railworld” failed miserably and they didn’t do them for long. The councillor is no longer a director in that company.
We have been involved in the other car boot sales – some successful some not so.

25 Years Later
We have seen many changes in car boot sales., many operators and stallholders have come and gone – we have seen and heard it all – but we are still operating after 25 years because we care about car boots and booters – unlike some greedy operators that are only interested in money or some retail shopping centers who only have car boot sales to increase “Footfall” to their shops. In fact because we care about our car boots and booters from time to time we run various promotions for our stallholders.

*Please note these promotions can be withdrawn at any time*

The Big Boot
We are known amongst the car boot fraternity as running a tight ship, but fairly and we treat everyone equally. In spring of 2012, after 7 years in trying, we have finally managed to secure a large all hardstanding, highly visible & prominently located car park site and on the 15th April 2012 a new car boot was born in Peterborough, a car boot that can compete with any other in the region – the “Big Boot” (Ex Wellington Boot) was born – with free public admission it is attended by 1000's of visitors and stallholders do well with many selling out on the day.

Come along
The “Big Boot” with its good regular diversity mix of traders makes it an interesting & cosmopolitan car boot sale well worth visiting.

* So whether buying or selling come along to the "Big Boot" car boot sale - come to the operators that care - all enquires Tel: 07445 436 136*

Terms & Conditions
Please adhere to the following conditions imposed on us by the city council,
health & safety and our insurers.
1) The sale of: alcohol, drugs, animals or pets, cigarettes or tobacco, counterfeit goods (ie CD's, DVD's etc) gas or propane cylinders, dangerous goods, pornographic materials or stolen goods is Strictly Prohibited
2) No vehicle to leave site before 2pm except in an emergency or bad weather and then only with hazard warning lights flashing and at a speed of 5mph & escorted by a marshall
3) VERY IMPORTANT : Please take all your empty boxes, unsold items and general rubbish home with you as leaving anything behind would be deemed as flytipping and P.C.C may fine you up to £50,000 and/or 12 months imprisonment.

Happy booting – have a nice day

Advice: Always check with the operator if the Car Boot Sale is on, especially if travelling from far.